Saving Mulit Mode Slices

I can’t seem to save the Muti mode slices.
If chop the sample up in multi mode and hit the save button it leaves me with one file.
If I save it as a kit via the file menu it’s also one file.

Apparently the answer is supposed to be on page 15 in the manual. But I can not find it.
I must be overseeing something really small.

Anyone who can help me out with this > ?

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Pressing Save when in the waveform editor saves the current slice to a file.
There is no “save all 8 slices to 8 separate files” function.

And, I will add, it is not necessary to save the slices as individual files in order to use them in patterns.


Maybe I am wrong - but what I read that you are asking is how to save a single sample assigned to a pad, once sliced with those slice points; not necessarily as a whole kit (of multiple samples), but rather when you load that sample into a project those slices will be assigned. Right?

Yes, I basically want to save a sample that I chopped up using the Multi Loopslice (f.e. a Drumbeat that I sliced into 8 parts) And save it somehow.

I now either end up with one chopped sample (the 1st one chopped) (using the SAVE button method)
OR with just the whole wav (the whole beat) when I save it via the FILE section.

My apologies if it is not really clear what I want to do, I hope the above explanation is understandable.

I might not have explained correctly what I try to do:

If I load a long wav that I want to chop up, and use the Loop/Slice function. I can indeed Save a part/slice.

But what I don’t understand is how I can save the slices that I make when using the Loop/Slice in Multimode. I can chop them up just fine into chunks. But I don’t understand how I can save these “slices”

As you write that it is “not necessary to save the slices as individual files in order to use them in patterns.” I might be trying to do something that is impossible.
How can I use the slices then ?

When you start a new beat, create a specific folder for your project. Save one time.

Then, after slicing, go out of the waveform editor and press shift+save and it’s saved.

It is the most straightforward way of saving stuff with the S2400. :slight_smile:


You can’t extract all the slices at once. You have to do it one by one if this what you’re reffering to.

You can manually extract the first, second, third one and so on.

I wrote a feature request post about this a while back.


OK, I think I understand the concept here.
Basically once chopped in multimode, press the Shift + save button to save it.
Then you can use the chopped parts when pressing loop/slice in multimode and record that to one track. (pad 1)

Rather then having chopped up single samples In the non multimode way which would be 1 per track (so f.e. a KICK on pad 1, Snare on 2 andsoforth)

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basically what the SP1200 does in multimode PITCH mode for example but then with slices.

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Yes, exactly like the SP1200 multi mode pitch, the S2400 does for pitch, level, envelope, and slice.
Slice multi mode gives you 8 different slices that you can use in your patterns.

OK, great thanks for the reply ! But now I’m even more confused. haha.
So I CAN save/use the 8 different slices ??

This is exactly what I want to know !

I get the bit where I slice in multi mode and then play with them.
But saving the slices, or doing anything else to these slices (changing pitch whatever) I can not.

I suggest watching the video user manual chapter on multi mode.

I have watched all these videos a lot of times. But will do it again.

Have had the machine for quite some time already, I have spent countless hours with it but keep on putting it away. Because Im constantly busy trying to “learn” it. Spend hours on it, put it away again. Try the same thing again a couple of days later. But have not made a bit of music with it.

Never have I encountered such an illogical machine in my life, Workflow wise it’s 180 degrees from a SP1200 for which you don’t even have to read a manual.

But I’m not giving up … will watch the video again and see what happens today.
I’m grateful it has a vibrant community so at least I can ask people stuff.

Thanks again !

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This is how I do it as I had the same question awhile back.
Maybe there is another way but I have not discovered it.

So, I load a breakbeat onto Pad 1 Bank A
I chop the breakbeat using multi slice and adjust my
Start/End points on each pad while Button A is pressed and lit as you normally do.

Once it is chopped the way I want, I go back to let’s say my Kick slice on Pad 1, make sure I’m still in edit mode (the A
Button is still lit) then I press Shift/Save and save that single kick drum slice to another pad, say Bank B pad 1
I repeat this on each slice I want to save and when I’m
Done I have my kick, snare and hat saved samples on pad 1-3 of Bank B.
I still have the multi slices on Bank A also
The thing to keep in mind is not to save any of the slices to the pad which had your original break beat on it (Pad 1 Bank A)
Because it will overwrite it.

I was hoping for a way to save the multislices as single samples to the same pads they existed on in multi slice mode, but I haven’t found a way as it overwrote the original sample on the pad it was first loaded into.



Don’t get discouraged. Keep on trying and you’ll find what fits your workflow. :slight_smile:

As said above you can save samples individually via the waveform editor and the Save button for each individual pads in multi slice mode.

The thing is if you do not plan to do advanced stuff or find a workaround to specific limitations there is no need to save samples individually.
For basic stuff that 90% of users do staying in the multi slice mode is enough.

If you check the video and use multi sync mode for example you may be able to do what you want to do.

I suggest reading the manual as well. Video tutorials are good but go too fast in my opinion and you cannot guess specific limitations. They are also a mean to advertise the machine for non owners so video+manual+trials and errors+questions here if needed and you’re good :wink:


Thanks again for the replies ! …
Thinks are starting to dawn. (slooooooowly > but steady)


Yeah, your explanation makes sense, and initially thought the slice data would work in the same way (but it really is saved as a sample within a kit +/- a project).

I guess I think of a kit a little differently. It would be cool if you could just save the sample with the slices assigned, without having a whole kit and/or project. That way while figuring out what things work together one could just pull samples w/ slice data in. Once a good combo is together then save things (multiple samples with slices) as a kit.

*for example, let’s say I mess around with a few (2-3) samples/slices in different projects that all happen to be on track A1 within each project. Later, I decide those all work best together - if I load each kit, the desired samples will be in conflict within their assigned track/bank position.

This is where the value of being able to save the sample w/ slice/pitch/filter data alone (not within a kit or project) comes in.

Additionally, maybe I am wrong, but it appears to me that each time you save everything as a kit/project it is duplicating the files which is hella inefficient.

For me the machine really needs a simple transient based “auto chop” along the lines of recycle. It would make the sp2400 an advance on the 1200 .making beats becomes quicker and thus more fun


Yes - transient detection (or alignment of slices with the start/end of the next/previous) would be helpful, as well as basic sample editing functionality (cut/delete, insert, fade in, fade out, insert silence etc that most hardware samplers offer).

I am sure someone will reply that I could just do that on my computer and then load it, which I could, but that isn’t really the workflow that makes sampling on s2400 directly fun/useful.

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There is a function that align slices start points with the end points of previous slices but I agree with you more sampling editing functions would be welcome :slight_smile: