Quantize & swing not translating in multi-modes

Quantize and swing settings aren’t translating across pads in multi mode, they are using the individual track’s settings.


That link is locked

Whoops sorry Mickey still getting used to drive, try now


Okay, I can see the video now. But, I am not quite following what you are trying to demo.
Can you describe the issue in words?

Yeah not a ton on the video. I set swing and quantize for track 6 independently (50% and 1/64th) to do some stutter note repeats with no swing with various slices and pitches. Once in multi for track 6 the swing and quantize values on each pad are the values set for the tracks associated with those pads outside of multi. For example, pad 4 in multi for track 6 is using the swing and quantize values set for my snare on track 4.

I get it. Yeah, that sounds like a bug. I will look into it.

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Fixed in dev.


Side note here I am also having problems with swing. 9/10 (pretty much everytime i only got it to work like twice so far) my kick drum will not swing and usually the snare too. Yes i am setting the correct settings on 8th, 16th, % all that but it just does nothing. Hihats never have an issue though.

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Typically swing is only applied on the even numbered steps

1.1 (usually a kick) = no swing
1.1.2 (often an closed hihat) = swing
1.1.3 (often an open hihat) = no swing
1.1.4 (often a closed hihat = swing
1.2 (usually a kick and/or snare) = no swing

I’m not sure exactly how the 2400 swing works (waiting on my unit) but this is how swing works on most things. It also may explain the experience you are having.

Does it?

If not, perhaps a bug worth documenting and reporting.

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Hi I know you’re being sincere but no that is not the issue I understand how swing is applied it literally is not working that is why I replied in this post to report it and ofc I get nothing back. Sorry I’m just a little frustrated that I waited a year on a unit that cost $1500 and I can’t even lay down a drum pattern because half the time my pads are clearing themselves and almost all the time the swing isn’t working and when I try to voice my concern I just get replies asking if I know what I’m doing. I literally will put the same drum pattern just to try and the swing will only magically work sometimes. Also will put the same exact pattern in my Mpc same swing percentages and it works just fine. I’m new to the forum so I’m not exactly sure what I need to do to report the bug but that’s why I replied on here on a post reporting a bug replying to the guy responsible for bugs. I can make a brand new post I guess if that’s the proper procedure. Anyway thanks for the sincere reply sorry if I sound like a jerk im just getting a headache working with this thing because simple functions aren’t working

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@kt1 why did you hijack somebody else’s fixed bug report instead of posting a new one?

Didn’t think of it as hijacking lol I’m still new here I just figured it was a bug report about quantize and swing so I’d include the problem I found/was having since it was similar to avoid making a brand new post for a similar issue and flood the forum with posts. People have been discussing issues and things on my posts that aren’t exactly on topic I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. My bad

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Can you post a picture of your pattern in Step Program mode? It will help us see what is happening.

Best thing to do to get attention on it would be a new post with as much detail as possible, precise steps you’re taking even if they seem simple. Videos always help too so they can see the steps you’re taking that creates the bug so that they can recreate it as accurately as possible. Sometimes they’ll also request the specific project file to look into, and you can copy those files right from your SD in MSC mode.


Agree @KT1 please do this.

Alright thanks you guys I didn’t wanna seem like I was coming on here just to spread negativity just a little frustrated Is all lol. When I get a chance I’ll make a video or something to show the screen and what I’m doing I can see how it’s unreliable if some guy is just on here preaching the swing won’t work but it really is what’s going on lol. When I get the chance I’ll do a new post.

It’s not so much that, it’s that we can’t help assist you further unless we can identify what is going on. Sometimes it is user error, sometimes it is a bug and sometimes there is something going on with that unit.


Ahh I see that makes sense. I should be able to make the post later tonight and hopefully it can help clarify the issue. Thanks

Everyone has already chimed in with good advice to start a new thread and ideally in include video so you can get help quickly (generally the developers and testers are quick)

Just wanted to say that I genuinely was trying to be helpful - I didn’t have a sense of your experience level.

Anyway - I understand your frustration. Post that but report so you can get some help!!!


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Yeah sorry about that I figured you were sincere I have just been super excited for the 2400 to finally arrive and am just ready to jump in and get to work with it so running into different issues is a pain the swing and drums is just the first once I get this figured out there’s a few other things on the list but taking it one step at a time lol. I’m gonna try to get that video up tonight

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