Track swing settings don't work anymore

Since todays update, the swing settings on the track don’t work anymore.

Tested with new and with existing projects. With existing projects, it seems to work on initial load, but when you touch any of the swing settings on the track, it stops working.

This also applies to the track quantization setting.

The default (global) quantize settings are also ignored. If you set swing amount to 67%, notes to 16th but set the default quantization to 8th and use repeat on any pad, it will play quantized to 16th notes with 67% swing.

For some reason, however it does only do that in playback, once you start recording, any pad that uses the default quantization, will play in 8th notes with note repeat.

And then it gets weirder ;). If you set the quantization of one pad to 16th and start recording with note repeat, it plays quantized to 16th notes without swing, but once it is recorded and played back, it will have swing.


Thanks for the report. We are looking into it now.