Quantize Shift Loses Swing

I notice when I want to swing a sound on 8th notes, the swing doesn’t work when I shift notes with quantize shift on track settings page.

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Or when you nudge them on the grid/step sequencer. There needs to be a feature to nudge all or selected notes at once while keeping the swing % you set. Anyway I been on about this now for a bit but I finally figured out how to set up my Mpc as the sequencer so for the time being I don’t care anymore lol. Somebody made a feature request for this too but it didn’t get any attention. A shame :weary:


Here is the feature request thread. You can +1 it or comment if you like. As you can guess the feature request list is super long and in the end no one knows if features will be implemented or not. It is wait&see.

I m happy when already existing features are updated and improved. I prefer this rather than implementing new features that might not be that good like timestretch for example.