Latency (in ms) Setting Per Track

I really dig the Quantize Delay feature! However, it does not allow the Swing setting to take effect, probably because the midi event is no longer located on the main ticks that can get swung. A latency in milliseconds could be added to each sample to allow a delay, but maintain the use of the sequencer’s Swing.

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There’s no real reason why swing and quantize delay should not be able to work at the same time. Swing pushes every second note forwards/backwards in the sequencer, delay pulls the whole track back/forward. Adding a third adjustment in ms would really make a mess of the sequencer I think.

The reason I’m requesting it is because Swing does not work when a Quantize Shift is set to anything but 0. Swing pushes very specific ticks (PPQN) around in time. It seems the Shift moves the event away from the ticks that actually can Swing.

If Quantize Shift and Swing worked together that would be great.

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Totally, I think we should just request them working together instead, as it should be totally possible.

About quantize shift and swing, there is a request already :slight_smile:

Oh wow, thanks! I’m not sure how my search didn’t bring that thread up. Apologies for part of my request being already out there.

My main request is the addition of a latency control per track. I still think that would be something that folks would get use of. Some samples really benefit from some added air/time at the beginning…feel-wise. If it’s variable, the feel could be dialed in nicely.

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Maybe just needs a way to add silence in the sample editor ? That’s how this kind of ultrafine adjustment is usually done. Or don’t crop your hits super tight on the front end and there will be some air there you can play with in this way.

Yeah, there’s definitely a few ways to accomplish it. But, it sure would be nice to just be able to dial some in on the fly, while the beat’s playing.

I appreciate your input and time @dshook, btw :facepunch: :facepunch:

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Likewise. :facepunch: We all want this machine to be great and stand the test of time. I’m just a little worried we are getting carried away with secondary features when the machine still has some big gaps as a basic drum sampler/sequencer. Drawing from lots of hours on 1200 / 3000 over the past 10 years.

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No problem :slight_smile:
You may be able to do this in the next update as it seems that override for sample start point is coming.
I think that one of the faders allow to adjust at the millisecond level so it may work for what you want to do :slight_smile:

@tnkz76 What?

My bad. I may have overinterpreted what’s said here and there in the forum. I thought that override in loop/slice would allow us to modify the sample start point easily after recording.

@tnkz76 Ah, yes. That is coming, and it will allow you to quickly change the start point. But that does not delay the sound like the OP is talking about.

EDIT: unless there is a chunk of silence at the beginning of the sample. That would do it.