Track delay or nudge

It would be amazing to have the ability to shift samples (Drums) in milliseconds . Ableton provides this per track and it does wonders for grooves.

I thought Quantize Shift would offer something like this but its seems that is something different.

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Quantize shift is for recording. The beats are recorded shifted.
Shifting after recording has been announced as coming eventually.


Yoo whatup Katz!! Thought I’d seen floating around here, we gotta get a Clubhouse room going with S2400 users if we can. I had this same request when I was making that beat for @skibeatz Vol 6 challenge.

I chopped that Elzhi acapella on the 2400 and to get a couple chops timed right at 95.5 bpm (before I knew the acapella was at 93 :man_facepalming: still think my 95.5 version sounded tighter than when I switched it to 93 though), and needed like a 1/128th nudge on a couple chops to make it right. I just old fashioned it and kept recording till it was right, at the time you couldn’t program multi-slice in step program mode. Now in step program you can adjust where you want the trigger moved to, and then hit the pad with whatever existing parameters/multis you have set and it’ll pop it in.

Obv not sure what you’re application is, but that addition of being able to program in multis in step program solved my need for note nudge - for the time being anyway.