Is it possible to "mass" nudge?

How to nudge an entire track ? Instead of nudge event by event. To play an entire Clap/Hihat track a little bit off.

Quantize shift

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Unless I’m missing something, quant shift only affects notes as they are being recorded, you can’t quant shift after the fact, and you can’t get the quant shift to affect notes that you place on the grid in pattern mode.

Notes recorded with quant shift or notes manually nudged also ends up zooming you WAY in on the pattern screen to dislpay the position of the notes accurately, ironically making it really hard to see anything. The way I’d prefer it to work would be the same as transpose in the track menu. Make a change to that, and it occurs instantly, globally. Quant shift would move notes by that amount and the display would still have them on ‘normal’ grid positions. Perhaps until you happen to zoom right in to where the difference could be displayed.

I also may have just experienced a bug messing around with this stuff. I had the quant shift moved to plus or minus the max, then erased all the notes I had, then set the quant shift back to 0. Then live recorded notes in on the grid. But they were displaced by the previous quant shift setting, AND they were visually displayed on the grid as if there was no shift. Tried to repeat it but it didn’t happen again.


@Afferbeck i am so glad you picked up on the insane zoom thing that creates issues after nudge, i have a thread asking for it to be fixed but it is tumbleweed - almost like it is a none issue, care to add your thoughts to see if they can figure out how not to zoom in destructively

btw mass/track nudge would be cool - @Onosendai make a feature request

There’s already a feature request for this :slight_smile:



it could also be done in step parameters view: enter the “nudge” function, then make an option “for all notes in track”