Dynamic Shift Timing of Notes

Here’s a little wish I have that would be great if it could be implemented. It would be nice if after a sequence was recorded, the notes for a given track could be dynamically shifted earlier or later by ticks in real time to play with the feel. Maybe this could be part of the quantize settings for any given track.

I’m aware this can be done to some extent via step editing, but it’s very cumbersome to do (at least it seems if I’m following the manual instructions correctly).

It is an often requested feature.

I think doing it in Step Program it is not too cumbersome. Select the events to be shifted (hold Shift & turn encoder), then press F4, then move them with the encoder.

@Mickey yeah maybe “cumbersome” isn’t the best wording, but I primarily wanted to emphasize the “dynamic” part. To be fair this works fine. I’m just being nit-picky about how many steps it takes to do this.

BTW, I’m not sure if this is a bug or is an intentional behavior of note shifting, but I’m seeing the following behavior (on the most recent firmware):

  1. start with a sequence that was already recorded, say, of a drum pattern (kick, snare, hihat, etc).
  2. follow the appropriate steps to select one of the tracks and shift the notes by a certain amount.
  3. now undo the note shifting that was just performed, I see that the entire track’s sequence of notes gets deleted. To get my original sequence back I have either manually shift the notes back, or reload my project.

Even if you set a new undo point manually, just before shifting notes?

What @syah71 said. Also, you can press Back while shifting to revert to the pre-shifted state.

Alright so admittedly I didn’t realize that while the selected track notes are highlighted you can shift them around in real time while the pattern is playing to audition the result before committing to the shift, which is certainly nice to have. And yes I can press back while notes are selected so I don’t have to commit to any changes.

@syah71 yeah things work fine if I manually set an undo point. Still it’s not clear from the manual that simply undoing the note shift without first setting an undo point will cause your track pattern to be deleted. That could possibly lead to unpleasant surprises I would think.

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