Update quantize shift or add nudge all events for a track (keeping swing)

There is a beginning of discussion about this in another thread but let me create this topic.

The quantize shift option is in the track settings screen.

It seems that we need to modify the setting and then record events. Compared to swing which has become real time, quantize shift seems to not work in real time. Being difficult to use.

Request 1: make it “real time”.
With the meaning of being able to hear modifications when changing the setting with the select wheel when the sequencer is running after recording.

Request 2: make it compatible with swing setting.
When setting a value before recording it seems that swing is lost.

Request 3: include it in the Quantize menu.
The track settings screen gathers swing and quantize settings that are in the separate Swing menu and Quantize menu on the top row. Quantize.shift is only displayed in the track settings screen. That makes it difficult to find I think.

Request 4: If I’m mistaken about the meaning of quantize shift and how it is designed to be used please add a nudge all events for a track keeping swing. If it is inside step program it may be hard to find and use though.


Yes please add this!!! I talked about this in my older post this is the one feature I’m wanting right now the most. Nudging individual notes is a huge pain in the ass and when doing so you lose the swing for said notes because they get shifted off the grid. On my Mpc I can set the swing % and also shift all the notes early or late all at once and it shifts (nudges) them while still keeping the swing % I dialed in in tact. It’s like an extra way to fine tune swing and get some real groove going. Like quantizing without quantizing lmao.


This would be great, miss that feature a lot from when I had an mpc.


Bumping this :slight_smile:

If it’s not possible to make it “real time”, I would be happy with a flow similar to what already exists. (override)


  1. Record all your drums
  2. Go to the track with the snare (shift+pad)
  3. Go to the quantize shift field
  4. Press A to override, and modify the quantization shift field while the sequencer is running.
  5. Press shift+A to apply the quantization shift modification to all the events (snares).

Or do rec+override + pad pressed just to shift one event for example. (in this case step program should be faster though).