Anyone else having trouble playing chords in midi-sequencer?

Perhaps not many people will even notice/report this, since I’m guessing the s2400 will primarily be used as a loop/slice sampler for most.

I noticed playing chords using the midi-sequencer using any amount of quantize is perhaps buggy and never records the way I want. I’m no pro pianist; but, I have no problem playing chords on say a 1/16th or 1/32nd quantize on mpc60.

With the s2400, after countless attempts, I never can record good sounding chords on any quantize other than full Fine quantize. So, I just leave it on Fine and that works. I really doubt it’s my horrible playing ability (could be tho, lol).

It’s not only that it doesn’t fall on say the 1/16th quantized targeted step, or a step before/after if I miss that step… but it also sounds very off, like some notes in the chord are choked off or missing.

Additionally, the velocity and also lengths doesn’t sound like what I’ve played at all… sometimes sounds like full-velocity-128 (when I played it medium, say maybe 80-100) and also the note lengths are off and not what I played (sounds noticeably shorter than what I played).

But, when I put it in Fine quantize mode… it works perfectly fine… velocity, as well as length.
I’ve tested 1/16, 1/32, 1/64… all same problem.

These are simple 3 and 4 note chords too btw… maybe only 1-2 chords per 4 or 8 bar (no complex playing at all).

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i have not got to midi yet, will get to it today at some point and come back to you on it

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do you have ability to make basic video?

send midi from a daw or sequencer rather than a human played keyboard, that way we can see from the screen the note lengths and velocity being sent- they should then match what the 2400 shows in his screen.

Sending midi from a daw or other sequencer defeats the purpose/topic, as you’re not using the S2400’s midi-sequencer at all.

Also, I’m sure using a diff sequencer or daw, won’t be a problem. Because I have no problem playing/auditioning external-synths from a midi-controller that’s hooked up to the midi-In on s2400.

Additionally, the s2400 now has a “midi monitor” that shows and tracks live midi notes, info, etc. when keys are pressed. Which, all seem fine there too, whenever I test it.

you seem to think the 2400 is not recording as you play

a daw will tell you exactly what is being sent and at the exact time, that then proves or disproves your theory.

you see that right?

Ah, I misunderstood your previous reply, and then replied with a misunderstood reply (lol)… I thought you meant using a diff sequencer entirely and not recording with the s2400’s midi-sequencer.

Yes, a daw or other sequencer will take the human playing element out of the equation, and tell you if there’s something wrong with the midi transmissions being received/recorded properly or not in the s2400, with vel/length/note info and all… and then, you can see if there’s something actually wrong within the S2400 midi-sequencer itself (why it isn’t recording properly),

I don’t have a daw (never used one before). I have an mpc60 tho.
Regardless, it shouldn’t need a diff sequencer just to test and record chords and kybd playing properly. So, I don’t feel like I even need to test a diff daw/seq, imo.

I can play record nice chords on an mpc60 in any quantization; but I can’t on the s2400 (except on Fine mode). That’s all I need to test/know. That’s enough proof for me, imo.

…all this could also be just settings I have wrong somewhere. But, then again, Fine quantize works good.

We have fixed a bug in dev with note length when recording MIDI tracks (or gated sample tracks).

The issue was that the note-off was being recorded as happening when it actually happened, even though the note-on may have been recorded a little before or after it actually happened (because of quantization). So, the recorded note length would not match the actual amount of time that the key was pressed.


Ahh, great! Thanks for the confirmation! I knew I wasn’t smoking rocks, haha!

Yes… it sounded just like you’ve described… some notes in say a chord seemed like they were recorded noticeably shorter or longer than other notes… made me think some notes were being choked off for some reason, or sounded super duper strange.

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Yes - haven’t delved in extensively, but initial testing with an Oberheim Matrix 6 yielded very odd behavior, haven’t isolated whether it is the Matrix 6 or the s2400 (FWIW it records midi without issue using an MPC 1000/2500 as well as an old Atari ST).

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no worries bud, yeah sending from the 60 would be the same - that is why i said use a daw or a sequencer in my reply

it was just so you could confirm, obviously sending from keys there may be delays in your press/release and also velocity differences etc as we are only human, a computer/see mpc 60 will send the data you tell it to - this was we isolate where the issue is

Yeah… I understood your method, to remove the human playing element outta the equation to confirm it wasn’t just me… but, I didn’t feel like I needed to, because (as Mickey confirmed) the recording was that off and sounded that bad (ie: super duper off, bad and strange), that I really knew it was the s2400. and not me. And doing the same chords in the mpc60 + an external-synth on the same quantize worked fine.

Try it… it sounds super bad. Say a 4-note chord was played for 1sec - one note would be recorded as 10ms long or choked off quickly for no reason, the other note 1/2sec long, another note the proper 1sec long, and the last note would be 1/4sec long… and some might have even landed on a different quantization that was far from your hand-playing and selected quantize (or, it might just seem/sound that way, because of the seriously drastic “note-off” bug). Hard to describe without actually trying it.

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i had not actually got there to hear it, anyway good to know the fix is in :slight_smile:

haha based on your description i can imagine how much hair you pulled out

on the other side, the midi seq: records its own CC movements very well, buttons etc very easily and to now at least it is done perfectly for my ears - i am not deep into it yet so anything could show later but preliminary tests and usage in a quick song are very positive for me, toggling gated CC messages into a seq: is very cool - not tried recording external CC into the 2400 yet but maybe prepare in case that suffers the same as the external midi notes.