Dropping sample playback

I’ve noticed on a few occasions when working filter on a sound , it’ll cause playback on another sound to occasionally not happen.

It’s fleeting and inconsistent … but I’ve now noticed it 2-3 times .

captured here in this video … listen out to the kick as at one point it misses a beat.

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For clarity.

No choking of sounds in this video (except hihats from memory)

Kick is on voice 1 A1

I was messing with filter on voice 8 A8

interesting that you managed to catch it inside 14 seconds

there is a lot of wiggling going on :rofl: but that should make no difference - load up the project file and samples is a good bet or does this happen on other projects too?

I’ve had this happen, always been on longer samples for me so I chalked it up to that. Have never been able to capture it, very random but the only common denominator was messing with a filter


i wonder if this behaviour is related to sd cards then.

I was using 100% factory sounds loaded from internal memory .
I did have an SD card installed - but was not actively using any sounds from card.
SANdisk 32Gb

I have had this happen on other projects .

On short samples and on long samples.

I don’t think it has something to do with the SD card. When I used a slower card, I did not get dropped samples, but it started glitching when using loads of chops on multiple longer (>2MB) samples.

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I’ve had it happen on chopped samples (when I first noticed it)
But that pattern did not use any chopped samples. All individual 1 hit sounds taken from factory samples.

I sometimes had drops like these when opening the File browser (via Assign sound on an empty pad) during playback. Which makes me think they do have something to do with SD card.

But my session used default internal sounds ?

Feels like that rules out SD card

I’m not sure where the audio is streamed from when you create a new project but when you save a project, all the audio files are copied to the project folder. This makes me think that, by the time you have loaded the project, the samples would be streamed from the SD card (at least the long ones, I believe).

So if you’ve loaded your project at least once and it used any long samples, chances are the problem has something to do with the SD card.

I’ve not saved this project - just wrote it quickly from factory internal sounds to demonstrate issue.

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we need @Mickey to confirm but i imagine we are always temporarily writing into the SD regardless of where we are pulling / playing files from - IF this is the case then we have to consider the sd is a part of it

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I’ll see if I can get this replicated while no SD card is installed.


Also just noticed in my vid that one of the cowbells also got missed. (Towards end)

there is no “always temporary writing to the card”

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thanks for confirming - i assume that helps to remove cards from the discussion?

so when we are editing, it is writing to ram until we commit to save?