Potential saving or loading bug


Ok so I am having some pretty strange issues with audio files once I have saved or loaded then on recall. Essentially on the weekend I had put together a live style set to perform at an online livestream festival. I spent a bunch of days chopping my loops up in logic and then exporting them to a folder on my S2400 (all 44.1/24). Then I set up each project individually in a folder using the S2400. I had around 10 projects, one for each song.
After I had done everything and checked them to see if they all played back fine and loaded back in fine (which they did) I turned my S2400 off for the night.

The next day of the show I turned my machine on to run through my set.
Then things got weird.
Some samples loaded back in very small snippets of the original and some loaded in with interspersed white noise and some loaded back as only white noise.

This was really odd as the day before they had all played back fine.
I have a brand new Sandisk Extreeme 150mb/s 128Gb card and am currently running the latest software.

Is there a bug in saving and loading samples?
Or have I done something wrong.
Please help.


One thing. Could you copy the files to another card and check if its not the sd card? Just to eliminate this.

I tried taking everything off the card and reformatting it and then dumping the same data back onto it but the data has been damaged. It’s acting the same as before with white noise etc

I would also try a different SD card. I have the same card as you, but 256GB. I did run into an issue one time saving a project on this card, but it has been generally fine. I have a few 64GB cards that Ive used and never had a problem.

I’ll buy another smaller card and try that out. I thought maybe the machine wasnt dealing well with bigger cards. Cheers