Sample Editor Freeze / Crash


Several times now my S2400 has crashed when attempting to enter the sample editor (LOOP/SLICE + B BUTTON). It’s happened in several projects over the course of a year or so and I can’t determine what may be causing it, and can’t tell you anything about the samples that may be causing it due to the nature of the issue.

The S2400 freezes, no waveform is shown but instead there is a long rectangular strip in its place.

Anyone else had this happen? It is something that puts me off using the machine because I’ve lot a fair amount of work because of this issue. I’d love to play live with it but I can’t trust its reliability at all until this is resolved.

I’m using the latest firmware snd a 16GB SanDisk Ultra SD card which historically have always been reliable for me.

So do you remember if the sample/s were bigger than the 2mb slot limit? just asking because you mention your SD and that will only be a factor in the event of the sample being bigger than 2mb.

Also, couldn’t you for now make sure you save after initial sampling and pad allocation…ie before going anywhere near LOOP/SLICE + B BUTTON. I do realize you probably work fast with the S2400 and you would have to get that extra step in muscle memory.

BTW Love some of your S2400 tracks on YT! I warmed my ears on them often during the chilly months of waiting for my S2400 to arrive.

I was suffering from this also. Always saving after every edit, just incase.

But since last update it has not happened.

You on the current update?

Thanks, good to hear! I’d do more but this issue has made me less likely to use the machine recently.

Because of the crash I can’t see any information about the sample because it (and the others that have crashed other projects) freezes the machine. I can’t play the sample either - that’s why I went into the editor, to see if the start and end points had messed up and were possibly right next to one another.

I’m not sure the 2mb ram playback buffer is a factor as this crash has occurred whether the sequencer has been running or not. I’ve been able to enter the editor for tracks that have longer samples and I just get the warning message that the sample can’t be edited during playback.

So it’s kind of a random bug, possibly to do with some metadata in the sample itself or a combination of parameters I’ve used causing it to crash. Ideally I need to send one of the projects to a dev to get it looked over.

But the issue has been so random and quite often I can’t replicate the issue to know what project to submit. Next time it happens I will submit the project.

Yes, most recent firmware.

I do save regularly but it often catches me off guard.

The machine feels so solid usually so occasionally I get led into a false sense of security because of the smooth workflow and might not save. Then the crash happens out of the blue and I’ll lose the last ten minutes of work, which im sure you know is long enough to get a lot done. I’ll send a project to one of the teams to get it looked at.