Crash when saving a file

Machine just froze up while saving a sample/ trimmed slice, while playing the pattern. Machine is still playing, but at a slowed down tempo (I assume probably the default 120). Where the waveform was, there’s now just a thick dot, and no matter what I press, it does nothing, won’t even stop playing lol. Pretty frustrating, there’s not a huge deal of samples loaded, no midi in or out or anything either.

Guessing there’s no magic unfreeze the machine button combo? lol

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Turned it off, loaded project back up, expected to obviously be missing some stuff since I hadn’t saved in a while unfortunately. However, what is there, is playing back strangely and incorrectly now. Guess maybe it’s corrupted something :man_shrugging: Annoying either way.

was it in 1/16th? Cuz if it was in fine i’ve had problems in the past while playback notes in wrong order. i usually just re record it on another pattern and that usually fixes it. Also how are you saving from now on i only go shift save because ive lost beats from doing it the other way in settings.

Yeah pretty sure it was in 16. I’ve noticed quite a lot of instability, like randomly playing things in the wrong order, or the wrong notes, or just skipping around/ going out of time, when playing the pattern and navigating the machine.

This is the first time I had it freeze up while saving and had to power it off though iirc. I’ve had it freeze up when coming out of MSC mode before too, but thankfully I had saved it, so powering off and on wasn’t a huge deal. Lost a few hours of work today though, which put me off working on it/ starting it over again.

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Actually something similar (i.e., freezes leading to corrupted projects) happened to me a couple of times and I really couldn’t wrap my mind around it. It’s possibly the main reason why I am taking a very long break from my S2400 right now. And from making music in general.

I tend to return to the unit whenever updates are released. But otherwise it’s a very bitter experience, not gonna lie. At least for now. It’s wonderful when it works but, as I said some time ago, it doesn’t mean anything if we cannot rely on it.

I wish we had some sort of way for generating logs/coredumps so that the crashes would be reportable. This would make our irrelevant and misleading mumbling a bit more meaningful.

If anyone from the team ever sees this, I want to help!

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Same here, I’d definitely be up for beta testing stuff.

Has this happened since? What OS were you on at the time?

Same, s2400 freezes randomly when saving trimmed sample…when is the next update coming out?

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I’m on the latest firmware, and haven’t really touched the machine since, until 2 days ago. I’ve had stuff to work on and attempt to finish, and the 2400 was giving me too much grief constantly for that unfortunately.

I’m also not sure how to replicate it since I’m not sure what actually caused it in the first place. I did the same thing a bunch of times just fine, and then it froze doing the exact same thing (saving a sample/slice).

Prolonged use seems to produce random bugs constantly, however not consistently. Which is pretty unhelpful when trying to report them heh.

I had a BUNCH of weird stuff happen again while using it the other day, but all of it too difficult to even pinpoint for bug reports on here. Some of it seemed directly or indirectly linked to stuff that has been mentioned on various threads already.

Just hoping the next update irons some of this stuff out, because I really want to love this machine, but currently really struggle to like it. Sounds like a dream, behaves and handles like a nightmare for me sadly haha. Still hanging in there though, since with a few tweaks and additions, this could become one of the greats, if not one of the greatest.


Ive had a few bugs here and there. But never a bug when i save a sample/slice. I never rename them maybe that could be a triggered issue. I would also have to agree kiddles “about not being able to pinpoint for reports on here.”

Whenever I get something acting funky I try to come and post it so i don’t forget.

One thing ive recently experienced is I recorded a new pattern with most of the pads used on a bank and when i press play the loop plays and then i stop it, hit a sounded pad it wont play for some reason like the fader was at the bottom with the level button lit up.

Song mode sometimes is messed up for my beats i think its a fine thing in quantizing compared to using 1/16 or 1/32 notes. Usually a workaround, Seems most likely to fix my issue of timing. I have had a bug once or twice where i couldn’t use the lpf it just wouldnt decrease and cut out the sound or change it all when turning the knob.

Yeah, I mean I generally try and keep the reports to things that happen more than once, and/or seem somewhat replicable.

I’m finding a lot of the time, I’ll encounter a bug, try and figure out what it was doing, why etc, but while trying to figure it out I’d encounter a next one. Then usually they don’t creep up again, or something else pops up.

It’s got the potential to be the best sampler/machine I’ve owned to date tbh, but trying to figure out and work around the bugs still drives me a bit too nuts atm and I end up working on more stable gear. Really felt like 70% of the time the other night was spent trying to figure out why this or that was happening. Having said that, this also included things that I have already reported and/or requested.

Hoping the next update drops soon, as I’ve just noticed a lot of topics now say “[fixed]” :slight_smile:

I’m REALLY hoping it includes the ability to step through ALL steps in the sequence, not just the populated steps, as I have quite literally begged for in another thread or 2. The more threads I mention it in the more likely it is right? :joy: :pray: Haha