Freeze on save attempt after audio dropped out

Working in multi slice and the audio output dropped out while working out a pattern. Was going to save and reboot as that’s fixed the audio issue in the past, but when I tried to save the project the machine froze. Rebooted and it did not save.

This video just shows the state the machine froze in. I don’t have an example of the audio cutout but it’s happened a few times before - rebooting fixes but certainly appears to be a bug. Seems to happen most often for me anyway in multi-slice working with longer samples.

Can you describe what you mean by audio drop out? Like silence, or stuttering, or what?
What were you doing in multi slice mode before it froze?

And was a long sound playing when you pressed save?

Audio cut to complete silence. I’m think there was a progressive drop, like a couple pads prior to complete silence audio started struggling. I do feel like I heard some crackling, almost a hollow-sounding version of the sample just prior to silence but it happened very quickly.

The sample assigned was a 22.33s 44.1K stereo sample that I had outputting in mono on channel 2, but was only using the main mix out - I multi-sliced it and was just tapping around different patterns when audio dropped.

There was no sound playing when I pressed save but it was complete silence coming from that track, possibly the entire output mix, so can’t say for certain. With pretty short slices I’d be surprised if I hit save fast enough before whatever audio finished on the last pad I tried triggering, but it’s possible.

So, it froze before you pressed save?

No, froze when I pressed save.

Sorry for any confusion tried to answer all questions in one. Referring to “was a long sound playing when you pressed save?” - I can’t say for certain whether or not there was a sound playing when I pressed save because the audio had already cut to silence.

Okay, so the sound got weird, then stopped playing, but it was still responding to keys and encoder. Then you hit save, and it froze.