Freeze while saving

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce it.

I was stuck in the following screen and conditions. Reboot was impossible.

What I remember I did before the freeze is roughly as follows:

  1. load the sample called BJSKM and create a new project with the same name
  2. Trim BJSKM and save it on A8 in the waveform editor. Which lead to create BJSKM(2)
  3. Assign BJSKM on A7, trim it without saving in the waveform editor, play with multislices, try to save the project in multislice mode with Shift+Save → freeze

After turning off and on, it seems that it created a ghost BJSKM(3) that failed.

Any update here. This happened to me twice already. I haven’t used it much. I’m using a 64gb sd and it’s probably close to full. Not sure if that affects it. I’ll try take note if it happens again.

could it be the sample naming the same as the project?

i know that may seem a stretch so…

maybe change name of sample when making copy?

Possibly. I’ll take more note if it happens agains and report back.


I think I see what happened here. The same WAV file is assigned to two tracks. When the project gets saved, it creates two separate WAV files. During saving, the tracks are processed in numerical order. So, A7 gets saved before A8. But, A7 is based on A8, which does not exist yet. I think I can recreate the conditions (a must if I am to fix it).

In the meantime, when assigning the same sample to multiple tracks, it would be safest to save after each assignment.


That may be the reason why it bugs sometimes yeah. By the way I always start my projects with samples on A8 because it s the closest pad to the screen and it s easier to edit when using the waveform editor…etc