Copied and assigned sample seems to be still linked to the previous track

This might be the source of my struggle of the day or just a graphic thing but

At the time of taking screenshots, I had PUSH_slice2.wav assigned to B2 and PUSH_slice2(2).wav assigned to C2.

Trying to delete PUSH_slice2(2).wav says that it is on B2. Trying to delete PUSH_slice2.wav says that it is on B2. Which made me think that it might be on of the reasons that I couldn’t resampled and so on. (see other topics.)





Did you save the project before trying to delete the files? When the same sound is assigned to two tracks, two copies of that sound will be saved when you save the project. Before the project is saved, they are still the same sound.

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Yes. After assigning samples to C1-C8 I saved and it created the new samples automatically during this process. I never use parentheses when I rename by myself.