Sounds not Recalling when Reloading Project

I’ve run into several instances now where I’ve made a project and a couple of sequences I’ve liked, and when I load the project after exiting, not all of the sounds come back to the party. Loading the same sound seems to bring it back within its sequence and correct chops, but it feels like a crapshoot whenever I leave a project in terms of which sounds will come back. If the last thing I do is hit save I should be good, right? It does give me a confirmation that my project is saved before I exit.


Curious to hear if anyone else is having this issue! I understand with early releases of firmware there are going to be bugs, and being an early adopter that’s something I signed up for. But I just want to make sure the dev team is aware, and very curious to see if other people are also experiencing this.

Not here, but admittedly my projects are pretty simple at the moment. Im working my way into more complex songs, Ive noticed that the TR sequencer doesnt really work for multi pitch mode. Im working on a recipe for that because its an 80% of the time thing. I will keep an eye on this thread and post if it happens here…

This is what I’m talking about (can’t upload videos longer than a few seconds here):

Ghost sound demo

i mean, might be because it’s a longer sample, but it’s only 48 seconds. Hopefully this describes it clearly!

Mickey would be the one to answer this but can you go to track settings (shift+track) and confirm the names of the files that are not loading? Maybe take a video of what samples are named before you reassign? I had an issue similar that had to do with multiple copies of the same sound being renamed “sample(2).wav” etc.

I am experiencing this as well. Save Project and/or Kit is not copying all of the sample files over to the new location. I was going to check file sizes/specs later today to see if there is a recognizable pattern.

This morning I pulled up a project I was working on last night, and I am experiencing something similar-ish. All of the sounds are present, but it seems the track parameters are borked. 2 tracks would not make any sound when I tap the pad. The first track with this issue, I was able to fix going into loop/slice mode and resetting the start and end points.(this was a snare sample and was using it as a one shot so no custom loop points were set on this track when I saved it). On the second track I had to actually go into the wave edit mode to correct the start point, as just setting the slider positions to first three down and last 5 up did not work. This also was a one shot sample and did not have any slice points set.

I have the Kit and S24 file if that helps.

This is fixed in dev and will be pushed in the next fw update.


Amazing, thank you Brad!!!

dont thank me, thank @Mickey


Just out of curiosity, is there cadence to the releases? just when ready, or daily/weekly/etc build?