Most of my samples in a track have randomly changed

Ok now this machine is staring to get me down. Maybe my project. has been corrupted but some weird stuff is happening. After normalising a bunch of samples and switching my ISLA off and restarted, the same sample has been copied across all the tracks and ive lost the original samples in that track. so the project is completely ruined. i know i didnt manually overwrite any of the pads with the same sample. the original samples are in the project folder, and i can re-assign them.

anyone else experienced anything like this?

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It could help if you attached your project files to your post. You can also send them to Mickey in PM if you want to keep it private.

Something like that happened to me once which resulted in lost multimode slice offset locators (?). The slices were not very obvious and I was unable to recreate it in the end. So yeah, my project got ruined too

When I start a new project. I got the same issue again. I tried sampling a kick, save to pad A1, and then a clap to pad 2, an open hh to pad 3. After each sample was assigned to a pad. When I checked each pad they all had a clap assigned. I went to reassign the clap to something else and then the S2400 locked on the following screen

Weirdly all these issues started happening just recently. I don’t know what’s going on. Unfortunately this project didn’t save as it crashed. Maybe I should do some sort of factory reset?

I’ll be very sad if this is a more major fault in my machine. Its behaving in very strangely.

Before you reset and we lose the ability to repro this, maybe upload your settings file along with the samples that you are trying to load… I think any info might help at this point.

We could try to ping someone from the team aggressively so you could work with them on this while the unit is non-functional. I think it’s important to leave it in this state until the issue is guaranteed to be repro’d by someone else…

What is the sampling engine mode that you use when you assign the pad (HiFi or 12bit)? What inputs are you using to sample? What’s the sample rate?

Personally, I’ll be even more sad if this isn’t reproduced.

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