Sample not triggerred just after save (but solved by reboot)

Sorry no step by step to reproduce the issue as there were too many things going on. Just a video to show it looks when it happened.

The background is:
-playing with a hihat on pad 4 with swing and note repeat
-copy+pad this hihat on pad 5, then set different swing setting
-playing with note repeat on pad a4 and a5 alternatively in play mode and record mode to figure how to achieve to do something.
-After 15 minutes of errors and trials without success, save before shutdown the machine.

→ after save, the newly created sample (2) isn’t triggered anymore when pressing pad A5.
After a reboot it works, meaning pressing A5 launches the sound with no problem.

I don’t know if it can help to track a bug but after the reboot the vertical playhead cursor on the left looks like exactly the same on pad A4 and A5. After saving and before the reboot it looked slightly different like in the video. Or perhaps just a cosmetic unrelated thing?

I’ll try to find a step by step to recreate the issue next time I have time to use the machine :slight_smile:

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Which firmware version are you on?

Latest one. 2021-11-22 firmware

In the past, I had ghost samples after assigning the same sample to another track and then saving.

Today, first time I’ve had the sample not triggering after saving.

A workaround to prevent bugs from occuring is to save right just after copying tracks. This time I was experimenting stuff so I didn’t think about saving until shutdown :slight_smile:

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OK, Thanks for clarifying. I’m about to update my S2400 so I’m glad you raised this.

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Diggin’ your Bandcamp, by the way!

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Thanks :slight_smile: Next EP will be made with the S2400 only. Hopefully turnaround time for vinyl pressing won’t be too horrible next year :sweat_smile:

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