Samples misfiring/double triggering randomly with Aug update?

Updated to newest firmware…I’m curious about samples misfiring. Is anyone running into an issue where a single pad hit triggers the sample twice randomly? Maybe its a sensitivity setting? It doesn’t happen all the time like mentioned…I currently have dynamic pads off.

Yes, I had that too (I posted about it recently).

Kick on pad2 was ghosting and input a faint 2nd hit a little before/after intended hit (like a delay).

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@fooddude yeah the before and after is what I’ve been experiencing…I’m assuming is a firmware thing. I know they mentioned sensitivity and pad stuff is still being worked on.

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Yeah… doesn’t happen all the time. For me so far, only once, on pad2 (a kick).
Took countless tries, maybe 20-30 mins lol, to record a simple 4/4 8bar kick. Was frustrating.

Hasn’t happened again nor on any other pads/tracks (yet).

What is your pad threshold set to?

Hey @Mickey

Threshold is at 0

Turn it up. A higher threshold should eliminate neighboring pads triggering.

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@Mickey ok awesome…any suggestion? edit: 99?

Not that high! Probably around 5-10.
Go to global settings and click on threshold to edit it.
Then, bang on a pad that has in the past made a neighboring pad trigger.
Then, turn up the threshold one tick at a time until the ghost trigger stops.

@Mickey haha yeah I just did a quick sweep and your suggestion seems to be working. Appreciate the help and fast replies.


When it was happening to me that one time (when I had to re-try a simple kick for 20-30 mins, lol), I had it on Dynamic and the first thing I thought was to adjust the threshold as Mickey suggested.

I tried 10, 20, 30, 50, 99, etc… still happened on all those settings.

Ditto, it also happened to me on the Pad2 with sensibility to 6

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Yeah I was messing around with threshold last night again and it’s still happening. Tried a bunch of different threshold settings.

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