Crashes while saving a sample [AWAITING UPDATE FROM USER]

just got my s2400 last week and since then im on a daily basis learning and using it.
i purchased an sd card (Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC, 256GB, U3, UHS-I) and useed the internal format option on the s2400.

yesterday i experienced multiple crashes, most of them happened during saving recorded sample (4 – 20 sec., 26/12bit, stereo, input 1/2 or phono 1). it mostly happens when i set my start and end point and then push the save button. the machine then freezes and i have to power it off and on again. sometimes, when powering up the maschine again, it doesn’t recognize the sd card (it simply dont show up).

also, it seems to stay extremely long in the boot-up screen when powering up again after a crash.

i’ve added two pictures. forst one: freezing screen, second one; boot-up screen

thanks in advance

Do you have another SD card you can try it with? It sounds like the S2400 is struggling with that one.

Same problems here.
I’ve had many freezes based around saving samples.
Can’t trust the S2400 not to freeze when saving. It’s disheartening.
Given up and waiting for the next firmware update.
Never had any freezes with the previous firmware.
I’m using a Sandisk Extreme 90 MB/S 32GB card.

Hey @jamjam @hanzbene is this with long samples only? as @rozz3r said it may be helpful to see if it is repeatable with a different SD card.

Also, if there’s a particular way you can get it to crash every time, perhaps with a certain sample, please post the steps here and share the sample so we can try and reproduce the problem.


ok, so today, i chopped up various drumbreaks and two other samples without having the issues when saving. did not switch the SD card so i assume it was just a bad day…

i’ll keep an eye on it and if im having the same problem in the next few days of using the s2400 sharing the samples. thanks for jumping in.

btw. the samples were max. 30 seconds long, 26k 12bit, stereo

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Pretty sure I have the exact same 256GB SD card. I just received my S2400 recently and have been using Live Loop and saving those as samples. I have not had any crashes yet, but my loops have probably been less than 10sec. I have resampled >10sec drum loops and have not had any problems with that.

I’m having the exact same issue. multiple crashes after editing in loop slice mode and saving sample. using a SanDisk Extreme 128 GB SDXC Memory Card, Up to 150 MB/s, Class 10, U3, V30. running the latest firmware on the S2400. perhaps I should I get a faster SD card?

I’m getting this aswell, was all ok until this new firm ware update. now if I go into certain settings, it just freezes. so disheartening…


Which settings? We need a clear way to reproduce the problem if we are to fix it.

Agreed, I’ll try to write it down when it happens.


argghhh, lost a few hours work :worried: same story, editing a sample in loop slice mode and the machine freezes. different SD card this time. I’ve only had the s2400 for just over a week and have experienced so many bugs. sigh.

Please, if you can include as much specific information as possible about what you’re doing when it crashed, that will really help us find the bug. What exactly were you doing in Loop/Slice mode when the crash occurred? What do you mean when you way ‘editing’? Saving? Or is it something else? If we can establish a pattern based on your collective reports it will help us find the bug, and ultimately get it fixed sooner. So far, we’ve been unable to reproduce this.

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sorry, after loosing all that work I was too busy spitting feathers to relay what had happened.

I was editing the start point of a 55 sec sample. this sample was originally recorded via the Isla, hifi engine at 48k. i entered loop slice mode and sorted out the start point, I hit save which is when the machine crashed. I waited about 15 minutes, hoping it would resuscitate itself as I had the same issue yesterday and after waiting it out it did eventually save, but not this time. it’s happened 7 or 8 times in the last week. I switched too a different SD card, although still by Sandisk ultra - this one specs are 120mb/s 64gb

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I hit save which is when the machine crashed.

Thanks. So does it not even get to the Save screen?

I just tried it again and it crashed, it reaches the saving sample screen then I get this page. At which point all the buttons become unresponsive.

Aha, so after the “Save Sample/Slice screen”, and presumably after the “Saving Sample” message. It looks like it’s crashing when it’s trying to reload the sample to me. Can you confirm whether the sample actually gets saved or not?


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agreed, it’s something that happens during reload. same thing each time. I’m not sure if the sample gets saved. I will check the next time it happens.

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On mine, I pressed shift then settings clicked a file and it froze.

Now it just seems to be happening randomly.

Im hitting the pads, then all of a sudden, no sound is coming. Then when I pressed shift the screen and everything freezes.

(I must admit, before the last update it was all fine, no problems at all, I’m not sure if it’s the update)