2400 Freezes When "Saving Sample" from Live Looping

This has happened to me both today and yesterday. I’ll be playing around and doing some Live Looping and the machine will freeze while I am in the Live Loop parameter dialogue selecting “Save Sample”. For this particular one, I had successfully saved 2 out my 4 loops running and then, as I was saving the 3rd, the machine got stuck on this dialogue.

The 2400 has not stopped playing two of my live loops-- they’re still going. My drum samples that I had going in another bank have stopped though. Potentially an issue with communications to the SD card where my sample are housed? Never had this issue until the most recent firmware but it has happened twice now.

Thanks a ton. -T


can you have your phone /gopro etc on record and try to recreate?

No need for a video @tom
Saving to the SD card while samples are playing is problematic. Do you know if you had any large samples playing (i.e. >2MB)? If so, then they are streaming from the SD card at the same time the loop is being written to the card. We may have to check for that and mute long samples during a loop save.

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@Mickey Right on that makes a ton of sense. I didn’t have any long samples playing but did have a couple of loops going that I would imagine would be pretty large. 4 bar loops @ 115 ish from the line inputs. Will stop the playback before I save in the future! Hard not to want the groove to keep going at all costs.


this has been happening with me today too

all samples were 4 bars long, all created from loops recorded into the box at 120

it happens maybe 3 from 4 times but it seemed to happen more when saving to pads in another bank , not D

bummer, wanted to get to a point where i could reliably use loopers saved to samples as transitions