Sample save glitch

I discovered a glitch on the S2400 that loops the sample over itself if you try to save it while the sample is playing.

I realize most people probably won’t try to save while the audio is playing and so they may not run into this issue.

But just in case…

I have been able to replicate it consistently several times and I will describe the process shown in the video.

I have sampled a live news cast to avoid music copyright - sorry if it’s annoying :grimacing:

  1. Sample audio at least 22 seconds long at 48K 16b
  2. Save the sample
  3. Place the sample on a pad and click on Loop/Slice and Multi Mode
  4. Record a pattern using the sliced segments
  5. Load the same sample on to a different pad
  6. Play/trigger the samples on both pads and while the audio is playing press Shift and Save to save the pattern.
    Now one or both samples have randomly looped sections while still remaining the same length (22 seconds) and these are now the saved versions of the samples.

I’ve sampled different sounds, music, etc. and have done the steps above with the same results.

Let me know if you were able to replicate this?


Confirmed. Thanks for there report. Mickey is on the case :+1:


Thanks for confirming. I didn’t know if it was just me.

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