Issue when importing my own one shots. they loop over and over when triggered

I just got this and impressed with the sound and workflow. However, I just imported some of my own one shots and when I hit the pad I’ve assigned them they just loop over and over for about 5 seconds. This is not how the samples in the internal work so I know this is something to do with formatting. Has anyone else run into this?

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Welcome to the forum @samueltylerj

Your samples are probably imported with ‘looping=on’. I doubt that it has something to do with formatting. Might be some meta data that is saved within the raw pcm data.

Also: try to only use 16 bit, 48kHz samples to stay out of trouble…

To turn of looping:

  • press ‘loop/slice’
  • press Shift-B of the track that has this issue
  • there will appear a popup with the message that ‘looping is off’

i do have the same problem. im not sure why the S2400 loops these short one shot samples. it doesnt loop them in other samplers or DAWs.

would be nice to have an option in the settings like: only loop long samples automaticly or something like that.