Crash Switching Between Tracks in Waveform Editor [FIXED]

Here’s my process for reproducing the crash:
Load sample into track 1. Copy that track to every other track. Select Loop/Slice. Press B to open waveform editor. Adjust start and end points for track 1. Tap Pad 2 adjust Start and End points. While playing Tap Pad 1 again. Loading waveform for that track, CRASH.


This notes fixed but I haven’t seen any releases come out - is it due in an upcoming firmware update?

I’m experiencing a similar issue, not exactly the same but maybe has same root cause:

  • Load a sample into track 1
  • Load a big sample (40mb? 3 minute WAV file) into track 2
  • Loop/Slice → press B for track 2 (big sample) → Waveform Editor
  • Tap track 1 pad to switch to waveform editor for that track
  • Tap track 2 pad to switch back

At the last step, the S2400 freezes while loading in track 2 again and I have to restart it. This is reproducible consistently for me

If this is a separate issue lmk and I’ll open up a separate thread! Thanks

“Fixed” means fixed in beta and will be part of the next release.

I figured, Thanks!