Slow loading times for projects

Has any experienced slow loading and saving of a project? I’ve had this issue since I’ve first got my s2400 and I’ve tried a multitude of different SD cards, I’ve formatted on the 2400 and on a computer and it all seems to be the same. The scrolling through sounds is also Mind numbingly long. I stopped using my s2400 up until this latest update because of this issue. I’m loving this latest update and I’m amazed how inspiring the s2400 is now but it’s still frustrating having to deal with a slow and choppy experience with my SD cards. Any suggestions will help.

Sounds like you might have a problem with your SD card. For me it can take a few seconds to save a project sometimes if there’s a lot of long audio files in there but it’s usually pretty quick.

Scrolling through sound is super quick here.

Is it happening with all samples? Or only certain ones? Are you using proper SD cards, not micro-SD in an adapter?

it happens with all samples and Im using a Sandisk 128gb extreme pro 170/mb/s. Ive also tried a Sandisk 256 gb with 150MB/s. The main issue is loading times of projects with like 4 short samples. I clocked the time last night at 8 minutes to load a project of that size. Saving projects is slow but saving samples to disk in another folder is fast for some reason. any tips you have for maybe helping the issue or maybe some advice on which hard I should try?

I’ve used so many different SD cards and it seems like it isn’t the SD that is the issue.

8 minutes to load a project is not normal at all. Interesting that saving samples seems ok, but not projects.

The project you mentioned, were the samples loaded from SD or sampled directly on the S2400? Can you upload the project?

Mate i load big big projects for a few seconds. Something is surely off there