Audio Playback Hiccup

Heyyo, just came in to report an issue i’ve been experiencing for some time now.

in layman’s terms- whenever i attempt to playback my recordings, here and there without any certain rhyme or reason, the playback will start glitching or hiccuping. when/if the sounds trigger it sounds as if the release was cut wayyy back. (as in you hear the sound and then instantly it cuts off)

it may straighten itself out. but often time i doesnt until i just stop the recording. WHEN i stop the recording during the glitching, the playback doesnt fully stop. a glitchy “echo” repeats itself a handful of times before the audio stops entirely.

sometimes this happens right when i press play, other times this happens after some 30 minutes into my session and halfway through the playback

i hope this is clear enough for the dev team, i wish yall a g’day :raised_hands:t4:

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I had similar things happening before. I only happened to me when using multiple samples > 2MB (so more than 19.4 secs mono, or 9.7 secs stereo).

I used a somewhat older micro SD card. After replacing it with a current version, which is at least twice as fast, the problems have not occurred anymore (although I also try to cut my samples shorter than 2 MB most of the time).


hey sorry for latency but ty for ur reply, my SD processes at 250 MB/s- is that not enough processing strength?? much love in advance!!

My guess is that the max speed of a SD card is not the only factor here. The access time (latency) is probably more important. That is why a benchmark for using a card for video devices is not at all relevant. Here you measure a single stream of data that uses a lot of data at one point. For the 2400 it must be more important how multiple streams of relative small amounts of data are read.

You can use a mac or pc to test this yourself… what is the average speed of a read action of loads of small files. You need to copy several maps containing smaller files (2-16MB) at the same time… So not copying one folder, but 8 large folders at the same time, but using 8 seperate copy actions. This will give you an average read time that says a lot more than the 250MB the SD card manufacturer claims.