Track routing

Hey folks

I’m trying to get a few tracks to route out through FX pedals and what not but when I switch the output via the track settings it seems inconsistent.

For example, I turn everything to 1-7 and only my snare to 8. Some tracks are still sending to output 8, despite showing 1-7 in their settings. Am I missing something here ?

thanks in advance

Is it possible some of your samples are stereo?

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Yeah, what cfd2 said. You need to go into your settings for each track and change the channels to left or right. If any are set to stereo they will appear on pairs. If set to 1 or 2, they appear on 1 and 2. For 3 or 4, it is 3 and 4. And so on.

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Fantastic. Thank you for the tip, that’s likely what’s going on!

Appreciate you

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Confirming that was it ! Thanks again