Separate zoom and quantize in step program

It’s great that the step program screen doesn’t auto zoom when there’s fine quantized events anymore.

I would love if we could have even more control of the zoom and quantize settings so you don’t have to zoom in for quantize to be finer.

Sometimes you want to see 1 or 2 full bars on the screen and still have quantize set to fine to be able to select of grid notes. Or to be able to place new notes freely and still be a bit zoomed out to know where in the pattern you are.

My suggestion is to use pushed encoder turn to zoom in/out and have the F1 & F3 buttons only control quantize setting. That way you can very quickly scroll to a spot on the time line and push the encoder and turn to zoom in where the cursor is while still being in Fine Quantize.

It would also let you zoom in/out much faster than pressing F1/F3 multiple times.

Would also be very nice to have long press F3 or shift+F3 be a shortcut to set quantize to fine so you don’t have to press F3 many times to be able to grab notes of grid.

Ideally the step program mode would also remember your previous quantize setting next time you close/open the mode.


The more I use the new step program functions the more I wish this could changed.

Zooming in out with pushed encoder would be so much more fluent.

Whenever you’re doing ”fine” adjustments you always have to be zoomed in all the way which is usually not what I want.

Especially now when you can shift multiple notes at the same time (which is awesome btw).

@Mickey could you please consider this :heart: