BUG - Pattern Sequencer 'Zoom in' Stuck

Simply put, the Zoom in / Quantize (F1 + F3) for pattern sequencer is stuck in a fully zoomed state.

The quantisation value in the top right corner of the screen changes, but the graphic will only display the beginning of bar 01.

Some new projects function as they should but eventually after using F1 / F3 in pattern sequencer mode the same problem occurs…

This make using the pattern sequencer very tricky!

I’m not particularly used to forums so hopefully I have put this report in the right place. Any help would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

hi @Louis welcome to the forum

in your problem project did you make a step get nudged by a small amount?

if so they have made the sequencer screen zoom and f1-f3 will do nothing

Hi j.m thanks for the help,

Yep it looks like because I’ve been recording with Quantise set to ‘fine’ it prevents zooming out.

Is there a way to turn off Quantize without affecting zoom in/out in patten sequencer?

Thanks again :+1:

The next update will not automaticaly zoom to pattern resolution.


amazing news @Mickey :slight_smile:

@Louis there ya go bud, i raised this a while ago - so if you see something it is worth asking , it may get changed if your request makes sense

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Amazing :slight_smile: thanks both. Good to know it can be sorted. Back to jamming!