Step Program stuck 'in Zoom'

I have a 4 bar beat and after I zoom in step program I can’t zoom back out – the quantise setting in the top right hand screen increases / decreases when using F3 and F1 but the display remains static zoomed in.

If I adjust the pattern length and truncate from 4 to 1 zoom in / out works again, but it doesn’t justify to the whole screen. I can’t recall if this is normal behaviour but looking at the video manual I suspect not.

Rebooting does not appear to fix this. I’m assuming I’ve selected a pattern lock or something in the settings somewhere?? Ta.

What is the quantization of the notes in the pattern?

The max zoom level is determined by the maximum resolution of the pattern being edited. If the pattern contains triggers on 256t steps, then it will always be at max zoom. F1 and F3 will still change the quantization level, but not affect the zoom.


Hmm, it was on 16 but I had changed it to 256 at one point. I may have even saved the pattern to my project as well, as I frantically tapped buttons in a futile attempt to resolve.

I came across the same thing , and as @Mickey noted - the zoom is dictated by your global quantization, which you can change at any point. Changing quantization in step program is really just telling the machine you’d like to edit the steps that are quantized to that division, but if global was set to 16ths on recording, you won’t have any.

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@juniorg Not the global quantization, but the actual triggers saved in the pattern that you are viewing in Step Program mode.