Please stop this auto zoom in step / tr mode just because i nudge a step

nudge a step by 1/128 and the screen has changed from showing me a pattern to now showing me a step, this is not cool for workflow.

can this zoom be stopped? user option or something?

i cannot see any good argument for this to happen, it just makes any subsequent use of the screen into a total workflow disaster, we are adding jobs to users input just because we nudged a step - can’t even zoom it back out

also - as we know, any steps slightly off grid are not visible in TR mode if nudged at all, they reside in the oled but that oled is NOW unintentionally zoomed in by miles…hair puller

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I agree it can be difficult to get used to the zoom but the reason is that it auto-zooms to the highest level of quantize existent in the pattern. It keeps it there because any zoom less than 1/128th in this case will not show the steps that fall on nudged 1/128ths.

Maybe there is a way to manually choose the zoom level and show only notes on that specific grid, though then the trouble would be having to remember triggers according to their quantization/grid.

oh i understand their reasoning provided by them and i went through this before but that doesn’t make it sensible or correct and it completely wrecks any workflow if a user is accessing the screen in the typical step sequencing fashion - i now have to operate a zoomed in screen just because i have a step that is nudged by some miniscule amount… think of every step seq: out there that uses a screen and try to find one that behaves like this, i think there are none and with good reason, because it screws users - imagine if a DAW did this every time we had a nudged step? we are dealing with a 21st century screen that could show a thin line for steps out of grid - user zooms in and line gets fatter, normal.

we can zoom in using f3 and out using f1 so there is no reason why that functionality should not be utilised in this use case - nudge a step and to find it we zoom in, or even in edit mode it shows there is a step but if you are on wrong zoom level it tells you, how does that not make better sense? The none logic is then reversed on the user when steps go missing from the sequencing pads just because they are nudged off grid. Completely not user friendly in both cases

btw it has nothing to do with quantise - i am seeing this with all tracks set to 1/16 when i nudge


Yes this needs to be fixed, but I have a feeling mickey is on it already :slight_smile:

i hope so