Step program - option for scroll by notes and not grid

Would be great if there was an option that would let the cursor scroll to the next/previous event instead of the set quantize grid.

For when just going in to edit notes it would make it much easier to get to the notes instead of having to line up the cursor on the note.

And for when you want to program in notes from the pads on the grid you can turn this option of and have it work the same way it does now.


I’ve not spent too much time in Step Program but first impressions we that selecting notes off the quantise grid could be achieved by having the encoder scroll and ‘grab’ the notes as it passes over them whether they are on the grid or not. Maybe shift+encoder would be better, leaving encoder to be locked to quantised scroll ?

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Yes! So as you scroll the cursor always goes to the next note.

For me I normally just go to step program mode to edit already recorded notes and that would be a lot quicker if the cursor only scrolled through the notes. And I would prefer if I didn’t had to hold the shift key for this occupying both my hands.

Maybe an F-key or shift F-key to activate/deactivate “scroll by notes” option. Or have the quantize key be grid or note scroll when in step program mode.

You can do this in Step Edit (press Enter when you have the cursor over any step). From here you can use F1/F3 to go prev/next note or F4/F6 to go prev/next note of the current Pad.

I must admit, I’ve often though it would be nice to have these F-keys in Step Program as well, but most of those F-keys are already used for other things. @mickey

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I know about those F-keys in step edit and use them from time to time but to me it can be a little mysterious of what notes you’re actually editing when just stepping through them in edit screen without seeing where they are in the pattern. I quess the bar indicator on top of the screen gives you some idea but when stepping through 1/16 notes or something you get lost quickly without exiting step edit to see where you are.

For my suggestion above you wouldn’t have to take up four F-keys in step program like it does in step edit, just one or a shift+F-key to toggle the scroll mode. Maybe even the quantize button could be used for this when in step program mode (not sure if that does something else as of now, have to check later).

So if you’re in step program and the quantize button is illuminated it scrolls the grid with the quantize setting. And if quantize button isn’t lit you scroll from note to note.

i would also suggest this. it’s way more natural than pressing the F1/F3, F4/F6 keys, also much faster.
imaging you have 16th note high hats in a 8 bar loop, you wouldn’t want to skip through these with the F Keys.