Edit steps parameter / step program improvements

Here are two suggestions that came in my mind by using the step program.

  • add the ability to select the previous/next trigger of the same track would greatly ease the editing of a track

  • viewing all the events of the track in a list view may be also useful

F4/F6 go to the previous/next trigger of the same track.
(the on-screen help is missing that, but it’s in the manual)


when i press F6 in step edit mode, it shows the “rename pattern” screen rather than going to the next event.

Step Edit is not the same thing as Step Program.

sorry for the typo. i meant step program.
F6 is “rename pattern” it also says that in the manual.

hope i don’t missunderstand something.

if it’s not there already, i would agree that jumping between notes of a selected track would heavily speed things up in editing a pattern. :v:

F4/F6 go to the previous/next trigger of the same track in Step Edit, and it sure does speed up pattern editing.

So, your feature request is for a way to move the cursor the same way in Step Program?

that would be cool to do it in normal screen view and not just edit

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that would be cool to do it in normal screen view and not just edit

yes it would be a cool feature.
I have in mind the use case when you’ve recorded without quantization : it would save many steps in the process of selecting the trigger (no need anymore to change to 1/256t then scrolling).

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yup ! 100% with you there

yes: a function (maybe F4/F6) where you can jump from one note to the next note of a selected track in “step program” view. like _ceoneezm said, if your editing 1/32, 1/64 or even finer, you get lost in the step program view and have to scroll way to long to get to the desired note.

i sometimes question the idea of being automaticly armed to record an event in “step program” view. most of the times, i just want to select and edit an event and not actually press a pad to record a note. i think it should more work like in main mode when you have to press rec/edit to record and not being auto armed from the get go.


+1 yeah. It often leads to user error and we have to delete what’s been added accidentaly. Imagine the chore when we didn’t have undo :slight_smile:

Just reflecting what’s going on on the main screen may be fine as well.
If the sequencer is playing, it plays in step program.
If the sequencer is recording, it records in step program.

I’m seeing it as a grid view first and then a grid edit / step program. Subtle difference maybe :slight_smile:

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