Make steps show regardless even if off grid position

ok - so the steps are only 1/16 we know that but if i nudge a step off grid i would still like to see it represented in my step buttons, maybe they could be a shade of white or pink or something to dictate a nudged / late / early step is there?

the reason i ask for this is i had kicks in a pattern that were not visible when tapping through pages, obviously it was there on screen and in audio but not in the steps… it caught me out for a while, i doubt i am the 1st or last

@Mickey is this possible?

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Are you talking about TR mode?

yes mate - so if i have a run of hats and some are off grid i’d still like to know they exist when glancing at my steps without needing the oled

I see. I suppose, if there is no step on the 16th note, we could search a little before or after that time and show the note as on.

We cannot change the color of the step (mute/solo) LEDs. They are not RGB. They can be either green, red, or both (which is orange).

could we use orange in TR mod to designate this off grid step?

or would it be a disaster with the green moving as playhead?

if not then not, i am just wondering as it caught me out. i will adjust obviously :slight_smile:

It might make the colors confusing. As you noted, when the green playhead moves over a red step (or vice versa if you have switched your colors), it turns orange. So, you can always see both the playhead and an “on” step.

@Mickey Thinking out loud here, but do you have control over brightness? My MC707 handles off grid notes at ~30% brightness on the next TR button.

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No brightness control.

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eh oh, orange or red would be fine - green runs across the top as playhead

erase+pad is not deleting steps in isequencer here, am i missing something or is this something you are aware of bud?

also, f1 is supposed to zoom out, all it is doing is changing quant: i have a pattern that is zoomed into show just over 3 beats and i have no idea how to get it back to show me 2 bars

tried shift+f1 , same result as pressing f1, held f1 for long time, nothing…read the manual, no clues.

@j.m there is a clue on page 35 of the manual.
“The max zoom level is determined by the maximum resolution of the pattern being edited. If the
pattern contains triggers on 256t steps, then it will always be at max zoom. F1 and F3 will still
change the quantization level, but not affect the zoom.”

@j.m Erase+Pad in Step Program erases that track at the cursor position (if it exists), even in TR mode. To erase the whole track from the pattern, press Erase, then Pad, then Enter.

ok thanks bud: so if all tracks are at default quantise which i have at 1/16 why am i getting steps off grid which then affects my ability to zoom out? this behaviour further advances the need to show any steps in the seq: soft buttons in TR mode imo

sorry to keep taking your time

Send me your project (.s24) file.

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ok it is now deleting after i pressed F2 a couple of times but when i delete midi notes it has done the sustain thing as though i have inserted them via step seq: , they were playing fine before.

so any activity in step sequencer affects the midi sustain. deletion or insertion of notes…