Nudging individual events in Step Program mode behaves unpredictably

Repeatedly encountering issues while nudging individual events in Step Program mode.


  1. Select Step Program
  2. Scroll to time with one or more events
  3. Press enter
  4. Insure desired Track is shown, or select desired track
  5. Press encoder to navigate to <> and turn scroll wheel to enter Nudge dialog
  6. Select desired offset
  7. Select Nudge →
  8. Results (intermittently) in events on other Tracks (not even those with coinciding events) being jumbled/shifted or placed at target location.

Maybe related: I’m often nudging events in a Track with Multimode Slice activated.

I forgot about the nudge function. Figured everyone was using shift (F4).
We will look into this. If there is a project you can upload that exhibits this behavior, please do. Just upload the .S24 file, not the samples.