Step Program - Move a step as recorded

I apologize if this has been asked, of if possible already - but the ability to move a step in step program mode with all of the parameters as recorded.

My example, I’m currently I’m trying to move a chop that was recorded in multi slice because I lowered the tempo and it needs to fit a bit better, so I’m in to step program to move it. As is it seems the only way to do that is delete and re-record that track at the new step. When I do it isn’t programming in the multi-slice it’s reverting to the beginning of the original sample. so being able to just move the step as it was would be sweet.

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It is high on the the todo list


f. yeeehaw

That’s awesome to hear! Do you know whether it would be moving the step as it was recorded or adding the functionality of programming multi-slices in step program? Both would be awesome, but just moving the step around with all it’s recorded parameters in tact would solve both IMO.

Multi slice saving in Program Edit is fixed in the current beta/next release.
Shifting events will be in a later release.


Dope, thanks Mickey!

Having the option to nudge events back/forth will be a welcome addition!