Ability to rec fader modulation/chopping etc?


I may have missed this and its already possible - but is there a way to record fader movements in a playback override fashion or another way etc. Just looking to record in chops of sounds?



Yep! Check out Record Overwrite. Much like Playback Override. Press A whilst in record, hold a pad down and wiggle the fader. It’ll record as long as the pad is held.

Ah great, thought I might have missed it.

Is is full automated for say a whole bar if its a one bar loop or only during programmed pad hits etc?


fader/knob positions (level/pitch/env etc) are recorded as part of the event, not as automation, if you see what I mean

Thanks you two! working perfectly for what want to do :slight_smile:

As option
event based → editable per step (actually)
movement based → non-editable, delete all or overwrite option

Fineresolution of events is already there