Set note range for midi tracks

Noticed when using the midi tracks that it can be very hard to dial in the right notes with the faders when using multi mode pitch (or non multi pitch mode) since the range of notes are very big.

A setting per track to specify the note range on the fader would make it a lot easier. Like say from C0-C2 or something.


i have to say i like the way it works with the entire range split across the throw of the fader in two parts

scales would be but that is a diff thing i know

My suggestion would still let you leave it at full range just as it is now if you want.

It’s just is if you want to make a melody within one octave on a track you really have to try and move the fader as little as possible to find the right notes. That’s when you want the fader to just give you 1 or 2 octaves.

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yeah the more i think about what you are saying the more i like the idea

could use shift+pad in midi bank and have a setting for that pad eh, 1oct, 2oct and so on

That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Similar to classic 16 or classic 32 pitch options but for midi tracks.

yep, it is a super idea and one i imagine takes very little effort unlike some crazy requests

Yes, we will do this. Not in the next update, but the one after it. Going to be needed anyway when we increase the sample pitch shift range.


Awesome! Damn you are really doing great work with this machine and I just keep on liking it more and more.