Adjustable Mapped Sample Note-Range on Keyboard-Controller, like an S900, S950, etc

I noticed when I map a sample to my keyboard-controller, the range is +/- 20 semitones over/under the targeting/set/mapped note.

Is this +/- 20 semitones stuck and unadjustable?

Would be nice if we could set the “range” of each mapped sample (eg: it could be very narrow and few, like 2 or 3 semi-tone range… or even super wide, across an entire 61, 76 or even 88 note keyboard) …similar to the S900/S950.


+/- 20 semis is the max range. It is what the Audio Engine is capable of.


Ah, I see.

When Alex Ball did an example, where he mapped several notes on kybd and re-tuned each, so he could play chords, how does that work?

Meaning, wouldn’t there be a lot of overlap of the +/- 20 of each note? Or, is there some kinda priority, in where some maps cancel each other out? Or, is he simply using 1voice per note-key on the same midi channel?

In that example, the tracks were not pitched. They were set to play when a single MIDI note was received. He mapped 8 tracks to 8 different single notes.

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Ah, okay… and in doing so (using 8 diff/separate tracks) the +/-20semi doesn’t overlap, correct?

Not just separate tracks. He also had the tracks midi mode set to percussion, not pitched. The +/- 20 semis is only for pitched tracks. If the midi mode for a track is set to percussion, then it plays when a single specific note is received, and no other notes will trigger that track.

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Ahhhh! Duh me! Im a moron! I didn’t catch that.

Got it!!

That’s cool tho - at least we can set sort-of a mini “range” to a single-note with Percussion-mode.