Midi Mapping(Cant do Chords) Help!

As per Alex Balls video on Midi i’m struggling here.

I can attach my Keystep MK2 and assign a sample to Pad1. I put it on Channel 1 input the correct pitch, put it in Pitch mode (sync menu) and gated. I get a great Mono synth and all the keys work great as they should.

Then when i assign the same sample to Pads 1-8 and repitch things go wrong. They play all the samples together at the same time even if i just press one key on the keystep(all on Chennel 1). I have it in gated mode… If i put them all on different channels (channels 1-8) only Pad 1 works with its pitch mode(as it iluminates and the others dont as i press a key on the keystep.).

Im obviously overlooking something

Any halp really appreciated. Cheers.

I think ive found out why. The tracks have to be in Percussion mode not Pitched. Now it plays each sample independently and I can play chords. Oh my Second time an Alex ball video has caught me out.

Am i right here though. Percussion mode?