Troubleshoot :: Pitched Mode in Track Midi Settings

Hello, I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue with the pitched mode in a tracks midi settings. I would like to recreate the scenario laid out by Alex Ball in the video manual #9 at timestamp 8:58. He assigns the same sample to tracks 1-8, then maps each track to an octave on the keystep pro. He then pitches each track to cover an octave and proceeds to play chords.

As Alex plays the keystep each track is firing separately, and he seems to be able to play each pitched note individually or as part of chords. When I set up the same scenario, all eight tracks are using the same midi channel and hence all eight tracks play with one key stroke. I’m not sure how you would play over multiple midi channels at once or what the trick to this is.

Can anyone help me sort this out? I’d love to be able to play the eight tracks like this.


pretty sure you need to create a sample map for this to work -

could be wrong

yes, i think i know what you are thinking

That is not exactly what Alex did. He set up multiple tracks with the same sample but different pitches. But, he did not set the tracks to pitched mode. Instead he set each track to play a specific note.

Thanks for the help, I was able to recreate the scenario when the tracks were set to Percussion. When the tracks were set to Slice/Note I could play all eight notes polyphonically when I played down the scale, but when I played up the scale the notes choked each other. Not sure if this is useful info or not, but the method does work when in Percussion mode, up or down the scale.

Thanks again, love the machine

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