Key Range for pitched mode

Would it be possible to add “key range” to the pitched mode?

Meaning you could select a range where the pitched sound would play… so for example, only 52-74 or whatever.

This would be incredibly useful.

For example, I’ve just started attempting to sequence the 2400 from the Amiga, and since pitch bend isn’t a thing, here’s what I’m setting up / and wanting to set up:

So, within the same midi channel and choke group, I have a multisliced break, which I have copied 4 times, set the pitch to 4 different pitches, mapped the 4 multislices from 0,12,24 and 36 respectively. Then I wanted to map just the snare from 48 upwards, but as soon as I set it to pitched it overrides everything else and I’m only left with said snare mapped across the entire midi channel.

Hope that makes sense.

*P.S. Pleeease add pitchbend and the ability to step through the sequence at chosen quantize setting, regardless of whether or not the step is populated :wink: I have to keep begging for these features lol :joy: Cheers!

Don’t want to add another thread, but figure this is worth mentioning, and similar enough/related to mention here.

Not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong, and it’s not the end of the world either way… but with all 4 current multislices I have set up, they play the first slice on C as well as C# and then the following 7 slices from D upwards.

Little update, I’m pretty sure I figured out why it plays a duplicate on C & C# when assigning a Multi to a midi channel in slice mode. I think C plays the Loop/Slice, then C# onwards plays the 8 Multi Slices.