Cant input notes with Arturia Keystep (Or is this not possible yet)?

i have never used Midi so please be kind. I’ve got it all working with my Keystep 37. Both Percussion and Pitched mode work fine. I love this as it means i can use it as my fav synths via samples to the pads. However. When i press Record/Edit in Step Program nothing happens despite me pressing a Key on the Keystep. Its not inputting any notes into the Step program. I’ve looked through the manual and watched online vids but i cant find an answer.

Any help here appreciated.

NB> The keystep is triggering samples on the S2400 nothing else

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Can anyone help here. Its a bit of a problem for me as i would like to input notes with the keystep (playing samples). Surely this can be done? Ive tried everything. All sync options and pad midi options. Nothing lets me input a note. The pad blinks so its receiving the information(midi monitor shows this as well). But thats its no notes being recorded in the step recording mode.

Thanks again

Okay apparently you cant input notes with an external controller when playing samples. Thanks anyway,

of course you can, check the manual or this tutorial: Part 9: Sync, MIDI, USB - Isla Instruments S2400 Video User Manual - YouTube
Press record and play and play your notes. They will be recorded. I never tried it in step programming tho…

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Thanks Stefan. Yes i can record live no problem pressing record out of Step Programming/Edit. But not in Step Proramming itself(so inputting individual notes chords etc with the keystep). Brad said if enough people are interested it may be a feature in the future. But at the moment as it turns out you cant. Cheers dude.

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I’m using my keysteps sequencer function, recording there notes and chords and let them then record in the live recording. Afterwards in step programming I can do the edits and changes. It works very nicely.
BUT I would be interested in this feature too! +1

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