Midi notes editing

What is the best way to edit the midi notes, in step edit, it doesn’t show individual notes.

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Oh man, didn’t realize that, just got mine almost two weeks ago and so far I’ve just played stuff in.

Still I’ve been really looking forward to old school step editing midi…


Was also wondering about this. I want to keep my midi in the S2400 but if I can’t edit it, does it make more sense to keep it in the DAW? Has anyone tried to export the MIDI from the S2400? Is that even a thing?

hit F2 and goto TR mode - click the encoder on the notes and it opens a little box with velo, length and pitch

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You also can record notes in via an external midi keyboard while in step mode. Only in real time recording. Hopefully that gets addressed.

I am entering notes with a keyboard and there are a few notes off, but I can’t see what notes they are to fix.

Really? When I enter notes in Step record mode via an external keyboard it just sounds the root note on the pad.

My bad, I didn’t see step record .

I am trying to fix some cords that are off. Is there any way to visually see midi notes. Seeing note numbers and lengths isn’t working out easy at all. Any way to see then on the grid, or export to a daw to clean up, the 2400 is dope to write on, but I’m having a rough time editing sequences of external midi gear? Any suggestions.

I like my mpc60’s editing of midi-notes much much better… just keep clicking right (or left), then it takes you to the next step, and lists all the notes recorded and their respective velocity and lengths (per step), easily editable/checkable/viewable.

Wish the S2400 implemented this simpler style of editing… its much much less menu-divey and confusing.

Also… the midi-sequencer really needs ability to record mod-wheel, other basic CCs and pitch-bend.
Otherwise… you need to use a diff sequencer or daw.