Midi pitched mode - any step is sustained until pattern end in oled and audio..errrr?

why ? as soon as you place a note in the midi sequencer there is a long line in the oled that reaches to pattern end, this is audible as a sustain on the recipient synth and i see no way to stop it

scroll to the note in the oled and click encoder and the note length is a negative??

pitched mode should be like a piano roll i assume> ?

why is no note off being sent? PLEASE note, this behaviour does not happen when i live record midi from the pads, jsut when inserted via step seq:

feel like such a f’in noob asking this


The missing note off for gated notes in Step Program mode is a bug. It is fixed in dev.

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thx man - i thought i was going nuts.

@Mickey while i have your ear is any thought being given to more menu optimisation?

example: i am in step seq: i click a step, goto edit params, this step is solo right now but i want to hear my edits, however i cannot unsolo until i exit all the pages which is a pain, but worse is most of that page exiting is done with the back button

using the above example why not just hit the main step seq: button up top that is lit to go back to its root position is one thought.

I am not following you. Solo on/off works while editing step parameters.

not while in nudge pattern event area it doesn’t mate

Ah, specifically in nudge. I will look into that.

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sorry i wasn’t more specific straight off buddy - thankyou for your help and patience

Mute/Solo in Nudge and Step Edit numeric view fixed in dev.


excellent , thankyou sir

I found another issue (or 2) in step edit mode for midi notes. Latest firmware.

I started out with a 2 bar pattern. No samples loaded, all banks empty. Goto bank E, pad E1, multimode pitch.

Recorded a simple 2 notes sequence, one note at the start of each bar, ending at the 3rd beat to let the synth go into release mode. While recording it, everything was sounding fine. Also the length of the notes is displayed correct in the step program screen.

I go out of record mode and the notes suddenly are way shorter sounding. The release is kicked in before the 2nd beat of each measure. The display shows it still good, but the midi is not sent out correctly. I think this is a possible bug.

So I go into the step editor to look at the values of the length of the notes. These lengths were too short (<100), so I tried to extend them. I think I rotated to increase the length, but I might have placed a new step in step program (not sure) and all of a sudden I hit the max value (65536). That is way to high, so I try to decrease it, by rotating the encoder (I should have entered a value with the numpads, but that’s what comes to mind later…) It now seems to be impossible to get below 65000. But that is a window refresh issue. When getting close to zero, the display now shows “65 2”. So the length field is not fully equipped to handle more than 3 digits in all scenarios.