Tap midi pad while in step REC if playing creates 65536 length note

i entered this mode with REC lit by accident in order to find this, normally i rec in live mode with midi banks, hadn’t even noticed what i was doing at first

i assume 65536 is the max length based on something - is this behaviour expected? i say this is happening when machine is playing and REC is lit, i assume i am doing something the machine does not like. ?

if i then tap other pads and click into the step edit page i can see all the other note strikes i am placing but they do not appear in oled or audible pattern. i add that some of these lengths seem very odd too, for example i had 6 concurrent notes in my edit page with a 768 length but none were audible, i find it odd (possible i suppose) that i could record 6 notes at exact same length one after another…some were zero length too, not sure how that is possible.

in step mode we cannot record while sequencer is playing, we are to use it as a way to scroll the header and tap the pads to insert data - is that correct? if this is true why does it allow us to rec while seq: running and also why is it behaving in such ways? Maybe if we should not record in this mode with engine running the screen could tell us to bugger off or something?


The key is labeled Rec/Edit. When in Step Program mode, it means Edit not record. Yes, you can enter notes (MIDI or not) while the Edit key is lit and the pattern is running.

The bug with MIDI tracks and gated sample tracks gate length going to the end of the pattern happens when you turn the encoder while the pad is pressed. We will fix that.


thanks for the confirmation mickey

btw the midi tracks gate without using encoder, can trust me or press a pad a few times and watch:-)

What do you mean “the midi tracks gate”? The gate length is set by how long you hold down the pad.

i mean i am getting a full length note that stretches the entire pattern even if tapping little very short notes

so i understand i shouldn’t be operating in this manner in this mode, just letting you know what happens - i can link you a 15 sec video if you want

Yes, please show video of that. I am not seeing that happen.
You are using the October 9 firmware, right?

Same here.


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Very easy to reproduce:

  • Power on the S2400
  • Goto bank E
  • Go into multimode pitch
  • Open step program mode
  • Press E1
  • Press E2
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Ah, it is the second note entered on the same step that causes it. Thanks @syah71
Fixed in dev.


Hi Mickey -

start up splash says this, i believe this is 9.10.21 FW.

ui 9.oct
ae 2 oct

sorry, i logged off earlier and just catching up - daddy time eh :slight_smile: anyway i see @syah71 explained the easy way and you cracked it :slight_smile:

cheers both

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