Resample cutting off first few seconds of the sample

Hello - I think I found a bug in the latest updated version of the firmware. When I resample something the first few notes seem to get cut off. I’ve only tested it 3 or 4 times but it happens consistently for me. I have the sample stored in the project folder on an SD card. Not a long sample either - under 20 seconds. Anyone else encountering this?

This has been fixed (see latest firmware update).

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I can confirm 2/9/21 firmware update still does this when repitching upwards is closer to +20 or when repitching several times. You begin to lose the beginning of the sample.

I have this issue too - it is intermittent but it’s happened two times now. I take a sample, I resample it to 26k 12bit with pitch like selected, I hear the sample play back as it converts, but when I play it the first half of the sample is cut off. Restarting my machine rectifies this issue. I’m using latest firmware.

Yep this is happening in the latest update.

can you provide both the original and the resampeld file and what settings you used when that happens?