Resampling issue/bug - sounds cut of in the beginning of sample

Hi y’all

Got mine two days ago :slight_smile: im having issues when resampling. When i pitch up the sample and resample it cuts the sample of with quite a bit in the beginning of the sample - am i doing something wrong or is it a bug? thanks

Are you resampling a 48KHz sound, or double-resampling a 26KHz sound?

i was going from 44.1 to 26k - strange thing - i turned the machine on and off and now i cant replicate the issue - it also had this weird thing when assigning and scrolling thru samples it would have a slight pitch bend in the beginning and in the end of the sample going up in the beginning and down in the end of the sample - i checked the envolopes on the given pad but no pitch +/- - but i dont have tha issue now after i turned it on and off

I experienced this too. I figured it was a bug of some kind so I devised my own work-around by sampling in extra padding at the beginning, resample, then edit. The bug never happened again however … just that very first time I resampled.

its doing it again - turned on the machine and sampled some audio saved it assigned it directly to a1 and resampled - and as before it just chops a good chunk of the beginning of the sample

I’ve also come across this issue. Can’t recall exact settings, but was resampling a 4 bar live loop that I saved as a sample. After resampling the first quarter/maybe half of the first bar was cut off.